How to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10 even though Microsoft doesn’t want you to

You can manually trigger this screen to appear, you must interrupt the normal boot process of the system. From the ‘Restart’ screen, choose the ‘Enable Safe Mode’ option. When you are finished in Safe Mode, restart your computer normally to return to Normal Mode. Safe Mode is an integral feature of the Windows operating system. It allows users to start their systems in a safe environment with only the minimum required number of drivers and services running. This prevents any kind of malware from working while you are in it.

This key should be on the right side of your keyboard. When “Safe Mode” has a white bar over it, you’ve successfully selected it. The Troubleshoot tile is the last option in the list next to an icon of some tools.

  • To save as a different format, click the Save as type drop-down menu and choose from the options there.
  • Next, run the below command to uninstall the app using Powershell on Windows 11.
  • The Redmond giant wants to make VR available and affordable for the general public.
  • Be aware that uninstall items with parent are displayed only when the ‘Show Items With Parent Uninstall Entry’ option is turned on.

Locate the Output options menu and select Format from the drop-down menu. The Properties menu will open after you choose and click on an audio device. Right-click on the speaker icon on your taskbar in the lower-right corner of your screen. Choose the audio device you wish to upgrade the sound on. Scroll down to the Advanced area, choose All sound devices, and then click OK. Steam Hardware Survey July All 3 giants plan to launch their next gen CPUs and GPUs sometime in the next quarter.

To Record that using Game bar

To do this, open up the system configuration again. Click on the boot tab, and untick the Safe boot option. Finally, click on Apply, and restart your computer. Now your computer will start booting up Windows normally. When windows finds some error while booting, it might show automatic repair screen or ask you to boot windows in safe mode. This safe mode is generally used to help you get windows in a very basic level without any customization or fancy features that windows has like applications you use and files you access normally.

So, you will only get a list of all “MSI Based Programs” installed on your system. MSI is a Windows Installer File Extension that is a Microsoft Windows software component used to install, maintain, and uninstall an application or program. Whereas, EXE is a file extension of an executable file that executes the specified tasks according to encoded instructions and usually includes graphical elements for the interface.

How to take a screenshot on PC

Taking a screenshot on a Mac or capturing something on your Chromebookis not much different than grabbing an image on your Windows 10 machine. This will open the Snip & Sketch window with options for writing on, highlighting, erasing, and cropping areas of the image. The prtscn key is usually found between the F12 key and Scroll Lock key on the top row of your keyboard. It may be labeled something like “PrtScn,” “PrntScrn,” or “Print Scr” instead. On full-size keyboards, look above the Insert key. I’ve attended trade shows of Microsoft, Google, and Apple and written about all of them and their products.

How to get out of Safe Mode

You will see a success message after few seconds then close the command prompt. In the new window, select your language and keyboard layout. Hereon, follow steps 4-8 as explained in Method 1 to launch Safe Mode on Windows 10 PCs.

Press the “Windows” and “G” keys together, and the game bar should come up as an overlay on whatever you’re doing. If pressing this together doesn’t do anything on your Windows 10 or 11 device, you’d have to manually turn on the game bar. If you want to add a little trickery while taking your screenshots, or perhaps you want to look cool while doing it, the Xbox game bar should be your go-to. Primarily designed to screen record game clips on Windows PCs, the game bar was introduced with Windows 10, and it also comes preinstalled in Windows 11. Unlike the fullscreen screenshots you take with the Print Screen button, the Snipping Tool allows you to take snippets of any portion of the active window on your screen. This list will include methods that come built into your Windows PC. You might know some of the methods, and you might not have heard of others.

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